Aerial mapping

Drone data survey, editing and processing of photogrammetric and LiDAR data to generate cartography, topography and geographic information systems (GIS / CAD)

High eficiency
(up to 1000 ha/day)

International presence (Europe and Africa)

Specialized and experienced team

Precision, Automated workflows and Accuracy

photogrammetry and lidar

- Topographic survey (SHP / DWG)
- Airborne LiDAR (LAS colorized point cloud)
- Architectural survey
- Orthophoto (GeoTIFF / JPG)
- 3D modelling (PLY / OBJ / FBX)


- Cartographic editing (DGT Standards)
- Terrain modeling (DTM / TIN)
- Landscape elements mapping
- Tree mapping / identification
- Mapping ruins, buildings or other structures


- Process automation
- Artificial Intelligence (Deep Learning) for automatic object detection and LAS point cloud classification

infrared and ndvi

- Mapping vegetation health
- Tree survey
- Precision Agriculture, Forest Management or Conservation


- Volumetric analysis in quarries, deposits or others
- Multi-temporal analysis of excavations and/or fills


- GIS / CAD technical drawing
- Vectorization of landscape elements
- Mapping of protected species
- Land use map

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